Creating an Energy Service Company

Federesco offers its associates a consulting service for forming new Energy Service Companies and aids in implementing all the activities required for completing the procedure, providing assistance to companies for preparing all the necessary documents for presentation to Gestore Servizi Energetici S.p.a. (GSE) for accreditation with this body and for all other needs through to completion of the activity and approval by the authority.
The AEEGSI 103/2003 guidelines provide that the energy service companies eligible for GSE accreditation shall include “artisan concerns, singly and as consortia, whose company objects at the date of start-up of the project include the offer of integrated services for implementation and, if so provided, ongoing management of solutions."
Why form an ESCo?. To work on the energy market transversally with an integrated approach to all technologies and solutions, in such a manner as to provide to the market a “guarantee of quality and professionalism.”. To manage the energy diagnosis chain through end-of-life disposal of the project materials.. To manage the financial aspects required to implement the projects via third-party financing.. To manage the Energy Efficiency Equities. . To participate in those calls for tender which expressly request participation by ESCo companies.
The aims of an ESCo. To reduce energy consumption and climate-altering emissions into the atmosphere.. To spread the culture of energy efficiency.. To transform use of energy from a cost to an operations support element.
Who can form an ESCo? Legislative Decree 115/2008 states that “any natural or legal person who/which supplies energy services or other measures for improving energy efficiency in users’ installations or premises and which, by doing so, accepts a certain margin of financial risk” may form an ESCo and, furthermore, that “Payment for the services supplied shall be based, in whole or in part, on the improvement in energy efficiency achieved and on achievement of the other established performance criteria.” To companies which decide to become Federesco associates, Federesco offers a service comprising formation of an ESCo and company accreditation with GSE upon payment of an additional fee. For full information about the assistance Federesco can provide for forming an ESCo, download the application form.

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