Federesco is a non-profit association formed to promote the following among public and private economic operators and citizens:
. the culture of energy efficiency and energy-saving
. the best practices most appropriate for achieving the aims set by the Kyoto Protocol and the European Energy Policy as set forth in Directives 2010/31/EU and 2012/27/EU
. the culture and utilization of the Third Party Financing (TPF) mechanism contemplated by Italian Legislative Decree 115/2008 and Project Financing (PF) financial instruments in order to obtain compression of the demand for energy and reduction of climate-altering emissions
. priority use of energy-efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption
. spread, throughout the national territory, of distributed energy generation plants designed to exploit renewable energy sources and cogenerative and trigenerative configurations.
The association safeguards the interests of its associates through forms of representation and/or legislative and regulatory initiatives at central and peripheral public administrations, local government bodies, constitutional bodies, independent administrative authorities, and notified bodies.
Federesco brings together a considerable number of companies and businesses operating in the energy efficiency sector, provides support for transformation into Energy Service Companies and protects their interests through forms of representation and/or legislative initiatives designed to increase market opportunities.
Through its founder Claudio G. Ferrari, Federesco is present in many national and international bodies for developing European-level laws and regulations. The President of Federesco is also a member of CTI (Comitato Termotecnico Italiano, the body which defines the UNI standards) and a member of the Horizon 2020 – Energy Challenge consulting board concerned with allocation of funding among the European Union member states.


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