The agreement between Federesco and GSE

The agreement between Federesco and GSE, the state-owned company which promotes and supports environmentally-efficient energy uses, aims at giving a significant boost to development of the energy efficiency sector and related themes. In detail, the agreement calls for:
. Federesco’s collaboration for analysis of subjects/areas linked to energy efficiency, sustainable development, and renewable energy
. support for companies and public bodies for increasing the efficiency of their structures and production processes, with coordination of all such activities by GSE
. reciprocal support for creation of training/information courses for promoting energy efficiency, targeting both public bodies and enterprise
. creation of information initiatives for promotion of energy efficiency and of renewable energy
. coordination of communication and information
Under the collaboration agreement with GSE, Federesco collaborates on the Corrente project to guarantee representation of the ESCos within a national networking platform. In their memorandum of understanding, GSE and Federesco share principles and operating procedures for making available a direct electronic communications channel over which GSE may provide specific assistance and technical support to the Federesco associates. Federesco is pleased to offer, to those Associates that so request, an exclusive service providing clear responses in preferential timeframes on subjects of interest in relations with GSE. For information and sign-up, please contact Federesco at: