Energy for community

In June 2013, Federesco stipulated a collaboration agreement with Banca Prossima and the FITS! - Fondazione per l’Innovazione del Terzo Settore (Foundation for Third Sector Innovation) which will permit non-profit bodies/organizations to conduct energy audits and, successively, to implement energy efficiency projects to improve their structures. In detail, this agreement calls for the following activities: energy audit, preliminary technical feasibility study of the projects and the economic-financial plan (EFP), and successive implementation of the projects, with bank guarantees supplied to the associated ESCos by Banca Prossima.
From their client list, the bank and FITS select the organizations possessing the necessary requirements for developing energy efficiency projects; Federesco, instead, then provides for communicating to each non-profit organization the ESCo of reference for the territory, for the relative project/s. The ESCo thus indicated, for which Federesco will be the sole referent in this project phase, will then undertake to provide a series of services, including an energy audit, identification of the most opportune works, and a feasibility study to assess the technical aspects and the relative economic-financial plan.
Once the financing project has been approved, Banca Prossima will intervene, guaranteeing availability of financing and advancing the necessary funds via a TPF mechanism. The project scenarios in which the ESCos will be called to operate are, essentially, three in number: schools (preschools, single schools, school complexes, etc), residential facilities for the elderly (nursing homes, assisted living centers, small hospitals, etc.), sports facilities and offices (gymnasiums, pools, sports centers, etc.).